Mary Wright - Founder / Designer

Inspired as a young girl for the love of the water, travel, fishing and sports. She created a line of swimwear that is ideal for the coastal active lifestyle, for all beach and water sports lovers.  

The swimsuits are designed for that girl who needs to be able to move, whether she is snorkeling along the beach, paddling in her kayak or reeling in her first Marlin. The swimwear line provides mix matching options with reversible styles and the best fit that flatters a womens body.

It was only suitable to name the brand Trident, the weapon and spear for Poseidon the god of the sea because of the inspiring power Poseidon has over the water. The Trident in Greek Mythology is said to have the control over the ocean and Poseidon uses it to stir up tidal waves and sea storms.

She was born and raised on Pensacola Beach, Florida and stayed there until she was 34, She obtained a Bachelors degree in Biology and was self employed. Mary moved to Redington Beach, Florida (Tampa Bay) in 2015 to launch the swimwear line. Growing up her family would travel on several family vacations yearly and the destinations would always be somewhere tropical. She says "I am grateful to have been able to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, catch a Blue Marlin in Bora Bora Tahiti, catch a Roosterfish and Sailfish in Costa Rica and scuba dive in Roatan Honduras with the ones she loves by her side. My love for being active on the water started early and I hope to inspire others to get outdoors and get active on the beach."

Her passions have merged together to create the beautiful bikini of Trident Swimwear. She hand designs the patterns and creates the swimwear, then the bikini are all hand made in Florida . We are excited to ship Trident bikinis all over the world.